6 Things To Do After Your Offer For A Sale Property Has Been Accepted

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, made an offer, and had that offer accepted, that’s when the real work starts.

There are the 6 key things that you must do as a property buyer once your offer has been accepted:

Obtain finance by the due date

Liaise with your broker or bank to ensure finance is obtained on time as delays in finance can result in the contract being terminated or penalty interest charged for late settlement.

Organise your building timber pest inspections

Select relevant inspectors for the job and liaise with your real estate agent to gain access. It is important to get reports in on time to check for any issues that may need to be rectified before settlement.


Sign mortgage documents early to avoid delays

Ensure all mortgage documents are completed and signed early, this will prevent delays due to bank processing times.

Pay your deposit on time

Paying the deposit is a term of the contract, if it is not paid on time the contract can be terminated.

Have a checklist of items to check at final inspection

You are entitled to a final inspection within 5 working days prior to settlement, this is an opportunity to check that electrical, plumbing and gas warranties are all in working order. It is a good idea to have a checklist of items ready to inspect.

Time is of the essence

Engage with a settlement agent at your earliest availability. Having your documents completed and returned early will prevent settlement delays which can result in penalty interest being charged.

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6 Things To Do After Your Offer For A Sale Property Has Been Accepted